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Are you looking for a guide How to start a blog? but before starting first we need to know some steps!

How to Start a Blog (Step by Step)?

  1. Pick a name for your Blog. Choose something related to your niche(Topic).
  2. Getting blog online :- Register a hosting and domain for your blog(WordPress, Blogger, etc…)
  3. Customization of your blog :- Choosing a Theme or Template.
  4. Writing Posts :- The best thing for a blogger!
  5. Promote your blog :- Get traffic to blog so people can read.
  6. Make money from blogging :- Getting money for what you wrote the 2nd best thing.

Step 1 – Pick a name for your Blog.

It can be quit tough for selecting name for your blog but can be become easy let see how.

First If you’re not sure about the Niche(Topic), there are a few ways to find a good blog topic.

3 Ways to Finding a perfect Niche for your blog :-

  • Interests :-  A feeling of wanting to learn more about something or to be involved in something. something (such as a hobby) that a person enjoys learning about or doing. Like : Gaming – you can write about games you play or can give details about how to complete the stages of games, Sports – you can deliver news related to sports to your viewers or can describe about predictions how the matches are going to be , reading novels or books – can give reviews about books you read or can deliver own novels or stories to viewers, etc….
  • Passions :- A Feeling for something can be related to studies, cooking, racing, technology, etc as examples. you can tell your views about that way you live in your life.
  • Knowledge :- Knowledge is defined as what is learned, understood or aware of. Sharing knowledge can be incredibly helpful to others in many situations. like you can share about students studies, love, medicines, experiences, etc…

Once you have a topic now it’s time to choose blog name.

Domain Name Suggestions

A good blog name should be related to topic so the readers can instantly tell what your blog is about. Let see if we are working on a particular topic so the topic name needs to be in blog name(it also known as micro niche). we need any tool for getting domains suggestion or not needed?

No we don’t need any tool we just can use keywords like food now its not only the one we can also use similar to it or related to it like cooking, baking, bite, eatables, etc… or for example as you are reading it from my blog if you see in domain name i have used blog as keyword related to blogging and guide for guiding peoples to the journey of blogging. and for micro niche let if we are working on how to start a blog and want domain related to that so we just go on domain sites and can search the exact keywords.

domain selection

domain selection

As Above i have pasted 2 screenshots one is of and one is of if we see in screenshot the websites are giving suggestions with different top level domains extension. So its not that much hard to select a domain now next thing is getting blog online lets start.

Note: You cannot use any spaces or punctuation other than dashes in a domain name.

Major Points For Finding Domain Name

If you have to find the name you wanted as domain is already taken there are a few things you can do:

  • Try a different domain extension :- If the .com version is not available you may still be able to get the .net or .org or .in extensions of your blog name.
  • Add small words :- Words like “a”, “my”, or “the”. For example, this site can be called as instead of .
  • Add dashes between words :- For example,

Step 2 Getting blog online

Getting blog online is not hard but yes its time taking process so without wasting time lets start.

Best Platforms for Starting a blog

  • WordPress (Search Engine Optimization can be more easy in this platform).
  • Blogger (It is free and easy way to start a blog as it is google product.)

Lets talk about both blogging platforms which one is more suitable.

WordPress :-

There is two type of WordPress

  • WordPress is as Own server hosted Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers.
  • WordPress is also can be a Self hosted Content Management System like Blogger.

Blogger :-

  • Blogger is completely Self hosted Content Management System.
  • It’s easy to setup blog on blogger.

Self Hosted Blog Pros And Cons :-

  • Free to use :- There is no cost for the hosting and also if you use the domain with is going to be free for lifetime.
  • Easy to Setup :- Its too easy to setup a blog in Self hosted Content Management System.
  • Custom Domain Attachment :- Its easy to attach your own custom domain but some of CMS don’t allow to use this feature free of cost.
  • Search Engine Optimization :- Its hard to do On-page Seo because there is no plugins that can help you in Seo you need to make the post manually Seo-Friendly.
  • Customization :- There is less tools that can help in customization. you can make website by just drag and drop.
  • Code Understand Problem :- Sometimes if we are trying to do some changes manually there we get code understand problem or in some cases there is no way to do changes manually.

Own Server Hosted CMS Pros and Cons :-

  • Search Engine Optimization :- Its Too Easy to do On-Page Seo in WordPress there are many plugins which help to optimize the content for google and other search engine.
  • Easy Customization :- Its Easy to Customize the blog in WordPress it gives a full control of the blog to the user.
  • Supporting Plugins and Themes :- Its like we can have extensions to do work like short codes, mailer setup, drag and drop customization, search engine optimizations, optimized themes,etc….
  • Hosting Charges :- Its not kind of Cons or disadvantage but yes for the people who can’t pay for the hosting they got this problem in Own Server Hosted Blog.
  • Setup Obstacles :- Setup Obstacles is like while setup of domain with own hosted server WordPress many users face the problem of not understanding how Vps and a shared hosting panels works or how to setup Dns or other things.

Setting up free Blog

Before we are starting we need a browser, an internet connection and also a motivated mind, So lets start!


  1. Open Web browser and type
  2. Now Click on Create your Blog Button.create blog
  3. Now it will ask you to login in your google account just enter login details and press Sign-in.login account
  4. after login a popup will be displayed on your device screen Create a new blog.create a blog
  5. Just enter the title of your blog and in address enter the domain name without any extension if you want free blog or if you have custom domain already just enter that and click on Create to create a blog
  6. There will be a popup for check custom domain from google domains if you want to buy domain you can get from there or press no domains
  7. now you see a dashboard with sidebar menu and other options there is a button for view blog click on that and your blog will be in front of you.blogger
  8. you got a URL Address like this :- and a frontend view.blogspot
  9. Your Blog is online and you can share its link.
Add Custom Domain in Blogger Click here.


  1.  Open Web browser and type wordpress.comwordpress com
  2. Now Click on Start Your Website.start your website
  3. Now a Signup Page is there fill details like :- Your Email, Your Username, Your Password and Press Create your account.login wordpress
  4. A page opened in front of you to choose what you want to build a Blog, a eCommerce store, or Portfolio.choose blog
  5. We are making blog so let’s choose blog, now its asking about topic your blog is which we have already selected  i have selected blogging now its your turn to select your own.blogging
  6. Its asking now about blog’s name, enter title of your blog like :- How To Start A to start a blog
  7. Its time to select the URL Address from our blog, now its asking about keywords like we have used howtostartablog and its showing many related domains suggestions and paid domains extensions but as we said we are making free blog so lets select the first one which is free blog
  8. Now its asking for select plans but there is a option of Start with a free site, we  proceed with that option(free one’s does’t contains connect with custom domain feature so if we want that for free proceed with blogger).wordpress dashboard
  9. Its a Dashboard, like WOW its too easy to create a free blog now you will see many options and side-menu items with a box having options Site Setup List.
  10. We have to complete all the steps and our blog will be online, its like customize text, template for blog and a site tagline with verification email process.
  11. Its done lets see our blog fronted how to start a blog wordpress


Setting up WordPress blog with shared hosting and custom domain

We are using Namecheap hosting its really reliable and with good customer support.

  1. Open Web browser and type namecheap
  2. Click on hosting and select your package there are two type of shared hosting :- Managed WordPress hosting, Cpanel Hosting. Both have own advantages and disadvantages like Managed WordPress is optimized for WordPress CMS, but we can’t use Custom PHP code. Same in Cpanel Hosting we can install any script based on different languages. We using Cpanel hosting,so lets start.pricing
  3. We have choose Stellar Plus Pack it having unlimited domains option. Click on Get started with suitable pack.domain choose
  4. It shows different option we will select Use a domain I own from another registrar.login or create
  5. Its asking for register or login into your account, i already having account so i am logging in.use domain
  6. Enter own custom domain name and press use this domain i have used how-to-start-a-blog.comconfirm order
  7. After that press confirm order and pay money it will ask address details and more, now login to dashboard.
  8. You will get a mail with details.
  9. Then in dashboard there will be your domain with these icons.icons
  10. Hover on center one and press manage, there you will option to login in cpanel. you also needed to setup dns with namecheap.
  11. nameserver 1 :- , nameserver 2- dns2.namecheaphosting.comcpanel
  12. Now we are in Cpanel we will go to the bottom of the page, we got script installer. scripts
  13. We are installing wordpress so select wordpress, and click on install wordpress
  14. Select your domain, enter site details like blog title, tagline,username,password, click tick on classic editor it will detials
  15. Click on install, now you will get your login details with admin login page URL.
  16. Now proceed to WordPress Admin Panel and Installation Done.

Connect Custom Domain With Blogger.

  1. Open Browser and type and hit
  2. Sign-in into your google account with blogger.login account
  3. On the left, click Settings > Basic.
  4. Click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog on 3rd party
  5. Type the URL of the Custom domain you’ve purchased with www as subdomain it don’t accept naked URL.
  6. Click Save.
  7. You’ll see an error with two domain connect
    • Name, Label or HostEnter the name as the subdomain, like “blog.” or “www.” For destination, enter “”
    • Destination, Target or Points to: This is different for each person and is specific to your blog and your Google Account.
  8. Go to the website where you bought your domain. Find the DNS (Domain Name System) in the control panel.dns
  9. Click on Add.
  10. Under “Name, Label or Host,” type the subdomain you entered in the previous step.cname
  11. Under “Destination, Target or Points to,” type “”
  12. Enter details for the second CNAME, which are specific to your blog and Google Account.
  13. Wait for at least an hour for your DNS settings to activate.
  14. Repeat steps 1 through 6. Your address will redirect to your custom domain. It may take to 24 hours.

Step 3- Customization of your blog

Customization in Blogger

  1. Login into your Blogger dashboard.blogger
  2. Choose the blog to update.
  3. In the left menu, click Theme.
  4. Under “Live on Blog,” click Edit HTML.customize blogger
  5. Make the changes you want.
  6. Click Save theme.
  7. Now Want to Add Widgets, Widgets can be used to do things like display your blog’s archive, show blog labels in a list on every page, or put your profile on every page, etc….
  8. In the left menu, click Layout.
  9. The area where you want to add something, click Add a Gadget.add gadget
  10. In the window that opens, choose the gadget to add and click Add Add.gadgets
  11. In the lower left, click Save.
  12. Optional: To change the settings on a gadget, click Edit and you can also change layout but drag and drop gadgets up and down.
For Custom themes You Can Google Blogger free themes or can visit

Customization in WordPress

  1. Login into WordPress Admin Panel.wordpress dashboard
  2. Select setting in menu then click on Permalinks.
  3. Set the Permalink Structure as post permalinks
  4. Press Save Changes, Permalinks have great impart on Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Now Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Reading, and make sure that the Discourage search engines from indexing this site checkbox remains search engine
  6. Now Lets install some helping plugins.
    • Install Google Analytics to your blog, we can use Monster Insights Plugin.
    • Install a Security Plugin for securing blog from hackers, we can use Ithemes Security Plugin.
    • Installing a Cache Plugin for Speed Optimization, we can use W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket(Paid), WP Fastest Cache, etc…. 
    • We also need a Search Engine Optimization Plugin for that we recommend use Yoast or Rank Math.
  7. After install plugins we need to setup our username which we have used admin and these types of username is easy to get and its leads to security breach we need to set different username.
  8. To do this, we actually need to go to Dashboard > Users > AddNew and add a completely new Administrator user account. Only this time, make the username not obvious like admin, site admin, administrator, etc…blog add new user
  9. Our Blog is pretty much secured now lets start customizing theme.
  10. We can install any theme which is build for WordPress, for changing theme go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and Click on Add new themes
  11. There is many free themes available for blog we can search like news, fashion, magazine, etc….
  12. click on install and then click on activate.
  13. now we have to customize the theme for that we go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.customizer
  14. with this we can customize layouts, site identity, color, typography, menus, etc….
    1. Set a Custom Header.
    2. Set Your Logo and Favicon.
    3. Adjust the Colors.
    4. Set a Custom Background
  15. Plugins that can help in customization of theme are :-

    1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin – Great for adding entirely custom content elements and custom layouts to your pages and posts. One of our favorite plugins.
    2. NextGEN Gallery – Create and showcase great-looking image galleries.
    3. Content Views – Nice plugin if you want to display your blog posts as a grid, rather than the standard WordPress list.
    4. Unique Headers – Create original headers for individual posts and pages.
    5. Shortcodes Ultimate -Add custom content blocks to your website content (such as buttons, lightboxes, lists, tooltips, and more).
    6. Portfolio – Use it to showcase your work/projects. Great for business websites.
    7. Related Posts – A very nice way to display links to related content right below your posts.
    8. Custom Sidebars -Create unique and customized widget areas throughout your posts and pages – more than what’s available in WordPress by default.
    9. Easy Google Fonts –  Truly awesome plugin if your current theme doesn’t allow you to change the default typography.
    10. Strong Testimonials – A cool plugin to have if you’re running your WordPress site for a business purpose and you’d like to showcase testimonials from your clients.
    11. Simple Custom CSS – Last but not least, a really useful plugin if you want to get into some more advanced customizations involving tweaks to the CSS styling of your site.

Step  4- Writing Posts


  1. Open and Sign-in to dashboard.
  2. In Dashboard there is option New post click on it.write blog post
  3. Now we got options like post title, a Place for main content,a sidebar with labels, scheduled post option, permalinks, location, and some options allow comment or not, use html code or not ,use <br> or enter and a button for
  4. click on publish after all data.


  1. Open Website Admin Panel.
  2. In Sidebar Select Posts option then click on Add New.wordpress post
  3. Now we got options Same as Blogger Post title,content area, a sidebar with labels, scheduled post option,tags, etc….
  4. After Write all data press publish and your post will be live on blog.

Now after all this we need to talk about the content that which we are going to write in post, i am writing on How to start a blog.

Content needs to be amazing and well defined.

Amazing Content

The heart and soul of a successful blog is great content. If no one wants to read what you are writing about then your blog won’t be very successful.

One of the easiest ways to write the content is to fulfill the need of the reader what they are searching, if content is not understandable by the viewers and viewers  not getting answers which they are finding then content is not worth full. The things are, if you are wondering about something, so the other people are obviously you need to do some research to find the answer, after you have enough information about what other peoples are finding you are providing valuable content  to those people who actually want to read and share with their friends.

For additional writing ideas this is a great resource:

It is also important to keep in mind that great content is about more than the writing. Images, videos, different fonts and colors all make your content look eye-catching and interesting. Blogs are not books, and they need to have more than just a huge block of text to keep the readers’ interest if you are reading this line that means the content how to start a blog shared by me is valuable to you.

Step 5- Promote your blog

promote your blog

Promoting blog is somethings like sharing your thoughts about the topic with other peoples who is really in needs to be know about this type of information.if i am sharing how to start a blog that means i know other peoples will get help with my content and will get valuable information about blogging but the thing is that how the information will be shown to them how they will get this information for that purpose we need to promote our blog with different platforms. There are lots of great bloggers out there that no one has ever heard about, simply because they don’t know how, or just don’t where they can promote their blog.

Social Platforms

  1. Any one can share they thoughts about something with anyone on social platforms.
  2. We create pages for the user who want information about daily updates about the things.
  3. We can create ads to share that information with targeted peoples who really want to know about the things.
  4. It also helps to connect with other people interested in your topic. Send a friend request to the top bloggers in your niche and make sure to follow them on Twitter as well.

Email Marketing

Its a way to give first time boost to your topic if people really like your content they will always get back but purchasing email list does’t help in blogging we need to get active and those peoples who really going to get information with the content.

  1. Get the regular traffic from list of peoples who loves your content.
  2. Sharing about new deals or offers about the content.
  3. A good way to represent the content to viewers with Email templates.

Commenting on other blogs

Commenting on blogs will help you to share your blog with the other users of other blogs. On many blogs you can leave a comment along with a link back to your own blog. If you make useful comments on blogs related to your topic you will be putting your blog right in front of people who you know are interested in your topic.

Don’t  spam the comment area of others blog it gives bad impact only share with valuable blog or same niche blogs.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another way to get readers of other blogs to hear about your blog. To write a guest post you simply need to contact other blog owners and offer to write a post for their site.

Not all bloggers are open to this idea, but if you can find a few who are it is a great deal for everyone. You provide them with quality content, and in return you put a link to your blog in your post. If people enjoy your guest post then they are likely to visit your blog for more great content.

also you can use some google dorks to find them like :- inurl:”guest post” site:”.in” or inurl:”submit post” site:”.in” like this. you can make own too just replace domain extension with other .com,, .co, etc….

For example i am going to write a guest post about how to write a blog post  and add how to start a blog link there so i will get too much traffic from those blog.

Step 6- Make money from blogging

make money from blogging

This is the best part for those who want’s to l(earn) from blogging. There are many ads network which a blogger can use to earn money and the famous one is Adsense(The best ad network for blogger from google) .We can use ads but somewhere its also decrease the traffic! that bad we don’t want that our traffic get lost by seeing ads on page so there are other ways to earn from blogging too.

Ways of Earning from Blogging

  1. Ads Networks : – As i already told about adsense there are many other ads networks too which give money for showing there advertisers ads on our blog like:-,,, Propeller Ads,etc…
  2. Affiliate Networks :- This is a good way to earn money from showing some banners to there users related to your niche, basically affiliates networks helps the sellers to sell the products by our blogs and we get commissions for the sales of the products.The Full List of Affiliate Networks.
      1. Amazon Affiliates
      2. eBay Partner Network
      3. Commission Junction
      4. Ratuken Linkshare
      5. Tradedoubler
      6. Leadbolt Labs
      7. Mobvista
      8. MyLead
      9. ArmorAds
      10. ProfitSocial
      11. Mobidea
      12. Mobusi
      13. Clickdealer
      14. Appitate
      15. AdCombo
      16. Tapgerine
      17. Libertex
      18. TopOffers
      19. TrafficShark.Pro
      20. Glispa
      21. Admitad
      22. Matomy Media Group
      23. BitterStrawberry
      24. MUNDO Media
      25. PeerFly
      26. CPAlead
      27. MaxBounty
      28. AdWork Media
      29. CrakRevenue
      30. Clickbooth
      31. Convert2media
      32. TerraLeads
      33. CommissionFactory
      34. Awin
      35. FlexOffers
      36. ReviMedia
      37. MoreNiche
      38. Button
      39. AffiliateFuture
      40. SellHealth
  3. Mailing List :- A mailing list also can help us to get money via sending mails to our viewers about the products related to our niche and related to our viewers. we get commissions for every sales.but never spam mails to own viewers it leads to unsubscribe the mailing list, like if i am sending mails about how to start a blog so i will get traffic to my blog post but if send in relevant post on mails so its called spamming.

Kindly give feedback about the post how to start a blog if you think the content is valuable to you.


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